Silvia Coco
SILVIA COCO • Art & Design

Brand Styling


You probably know about BRANDING, which consists of a process to establish the visual identity of a company. BRAND STYLING is not only that, but also the process of storytelling through that brand, giving it a voice thanks to tailor made content. I will work with you to understand what your vision is for the future of your company, and through an in-depth questionnaire we will collaborate to create the perfect creative brief. That will be an essential resource down the line to guide your brand's voice and story. Brand styling works way past your logo: we will explore all of your business and client processes in order to cover every situation in which your brand can make an impact.

This is the communication age after all, and it is vital for brands to reach their target audiences with a well delivered messages!


Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a small business, or a Fortune 500 company, great marketing is all about telling your story in such a way that it compels people to buy what you are selling. 

Gary Vaynerchuck


If you are setting up a company from scratch or transitioning to new branding, before even starting to talk about logo design there is the important phase of writing a creative brief. This essential document organizes your objectives, vision and serves as a guide throughout the process. It also helps identify the strengths, weaknesses and potential of your business. After consulting with you about your company and target audience, I will take care of writing this foundation document. From there, you will receive logo proposals and the graphic language guide that goes with it (information about brand fonts, colors, use of logo, etc).

If you already have a logo, we can collaborate on expanding your brand's identity with personalized stationery and documents. A creative brief and graphic language guide will always be prepared regardless to be on the same page about your goals. 


Besides logo design, a graphic language guide and the "obvious" marketing collateral (like business cards, invoices, letterheads and other stationery) I offer valuable graphic design services for your brand such as:
- Website design
- Newsletter design and content
- Social Media and Blog design and content
- Event design (find out more here)
- Visual Merchandising consulting
- Presentation design
- And almost certainly any other design need your brand may have, whether I can take it on myself or help you thanks to a trusted specialized collaborator!